The Cardiac Patient from Birth to Adulthood; 21-22 febr 2019 Läkarsällskapet Klara Östra kyrkogata 10, Stockholm

2019-02-21 - 2019-02-22

”Welcome to the Berzelius symposium on The Cardiac Patient from Birth to Adulthood. The meeting will be held on 21-22 February 2019 at the Swedish Society of Medicine, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 10 in Stockholm.
This two-day symposium will cover several aspects on heart disease but with a focus on congenital heart disease. Areas covered are epidemiology of adult congenital heart disease, congenital heart disease and development of atherosclerosis, prematurity and later development of arterial hypertension, single ventricle physiology, exercise capacity, arrhythmia, patient reported outcomes and closure of persistent foramen ovale in cryptogenic stroke.”